As an artist I speak about the worlds within and around me.  I want my work to be accesible to everyone.  Utility is a language that people the world over understand.  Beauty is a way for me to connect across time and cultures.

soda fired cofee mugs

Pottery has potential to both affirm and celebrate the physicality of being human (eating and drinking, seeing and touching) and to transcend while including the physical by expressing emotion and feeling, idea and energy.  Because of the nature of the ceramic process (taking formless material from the earth and defining form, structure, color and texture), ceramics speaks about change and transformation.

Essential for me is to understand and know experientially.  This pertains to knowing true things about materials (clays, glazes, fires, and kilns) and processes (making, decorating and firing), as well as the composition of meaning.  

I use clay from suppliers and recreate clay bodies from various traditions for their explicit qualities, but it is of tremendous importance to me to visit the mountain and dig some of my own clay as well.  I identify with the natural processes that create, like the clay I am of this earth and have a long, long history.

Various atmospheric firing processes add particular charachter to my work.  Wood firing  and Soda Vapor firing each offer different color, texture and surface possiblites, and bring to play distinct variables that create both risk and potential.  To effectively engage the fire feels like getting to the place where the majic of transformation actually happens.

window into fire

My work is informed by various ceramic traditions and viable for peoples needs today.  Pottery  lends itself to my artistic vision.  It provides an apt vessel to express my belief that beauty resides in the ordinary, the everyday,  and the human.  Making ceramics enables me to reach across categories and boundariies and to celebrate a common sense of humanity.

This practice enables me to create meaning, value and beauty in my life and world.